We have never had so many opportunities
to live our lives exactly as we want to,
and the wealth of choices encourages many of
us to adopt a more accountable lifestyle.
We value our time, our environment, the food
that we eat, and thus advance our own
evolution with a view to a healthier role
that we can play in our own lives as well
as in those of others. We observe how
globalization gives birth to localization,
which suddenly opens up a world of new
opportunities. This recognition led us to
establish the KIDÓ Urban Mind project, which
we continue to shape together with our old
friends, dedicated customers, and new fans.

KIDÓ brings the countryside to the city and
the city to the countryside. It is a workshop
and a factory with sustainability as its
leitmotif. Be they crafts, recipes, or
ideas... Sharing and sustainability is the
Zeitgeist of our era and KIDÓ Urban Mind is
a platformfor sharing our Ex-teligence.

This is the essence of our story and the
essence of KIDÓ – our journey with you.