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T-shirt printing

Posted by: | Posted on: 1 prosince, 2018

Shape the main idea into and hand it over to real professionals who can literally master masterpieces on plain textiles.

The logo of the company photos inscription and drawing can make the fabric of T-shirts superbly impressive.  The contracting authority itself can actively influence the final appearance of the product which can serve to identify people of a particular interest group for advertising purposes and as a funny and cute gift for many different occasions.  Get customized T-shirt prints for your imagination for the needs to serve and wake up with a sophisticated pun witty picture and cute photo.
Unconventional art

Modern technological processes make the original way of displaying T-shirts a quality product which is characterized by long-term durability and stability of raw material uses.

Your site is very important

Posted by: | Posted on: 21 listopadu, 2018

In the current technical world where communication via the Internet is paramount it is necessary to help visibility into the business of the websites used.  It helps

Linkbuilding will maximize your site's positioning at a reasonable price.  Networking is huge.  Following a decisive SEO analysis a strategic plan follows to build linkbuilding.  Website traffic is increased by 100% guarantee of registration of your website in web catalogs which also contain important links to individual parts of the website.  PR articles that value keywords can also help.  The basic site needs to be expanded by a system of smaller sites that will create a complete face and bring visitors to the desired location.
Strategic location

The competition is huge in various fields and the pressure on the Czech market corresponds to this.  If you want to do business successfully choose linkbuilding and you will be the first to search the internet in a selected specialist area.

An interesting kind of presentation

Posted by: | Posted on: 11 listopadu, 2018

There is no longer any honey to do business in a time of strong competition and the Internet.  Do you need to be able to promote your business?  Reach new customers or are you just trying to push through the market?  For you all are ours which will help you in your business!

The Internet is moving the world today so why not use it!  Our revolutionary PR articles can help you.  You choose a keyword or words choose a set of articles by number how many we have to write for you and we will take care of the rest – their creation and publication on the internet where they are very effective especially on internet browsers like google.com or the list  .cz.

Internet promotion revolution

are a great move for marketing your business.  All articles are 100% original and there is no undesirable duplication.  Moreover no one has the chance to compete with our prices!

Premium quality doors

Posted by: | Posted on: 10 listopadu, 2018

We present a shop where you can buy kitchen and other products such as sliding doors furniture lighting and decorative panels.  You will be thrilled with our offer.  We look forward to your visit to our online store.

Nowadays the most popular kind of kitchen furniture is the foil kitchen door.  You can find them in many Czech households.  They are also the best-selling species in our store lately.  They are an affordable door option yet a high quality product and elegant design.
Practical elegance

Kitchen countertops are a combination of practicality and impressive elegance.  Treat yourself to quality and elegance with our products.  Surely you will be extremely satisfied with the purchase from us.

Kitchen counters

Posted by: | Posted on: 8 listopadu, 2018

The anniversary of your wedding is approaching and you are thinking about what to please and a bit of astonish your beloved wife.  Today they have many different tweaks.

Kitchen cabinets Lena allow the kitchen to look not only in classic style but also in modern design.  Do you have a small kitchen?  Does not matter.  Our collection for Luna kitchen units is suitable for small kitchens.  The combination of classic style with modern color is characteristic of the Olivia kitchen unit.

Our kitchens also offer separate lockers.  Our furniture Disturb s.r.o. also offers an extensive range of other furniture such as living room walls children's rooms and bedrooms.  We believe you will choose from us.

Kitchen counters

Posted by: | Posted on: 3 listopadu, 2018

We have stylish for everyone who wants to live nicely and stylishly.  Of course each of our lines and all our furniture have high quality materials and of course their utility is certain.  Try one of our products and you'll see that you keep coming back for new and new things from us.
You will love their functionality

Buy our great kitchens to keep you entertained.  Not only will they entertain you and you will enjoy it but you will also love them right away for their great functionality.  Do not be tempted by some dubious products and furniture from unverified subjects and rather use our quality services.
What to conclude ..

So the answer is very easy.  Everything you buy with us is very carefully controlled and the kitchen units meet all the demands for quality and durability so why hesitate and shop elsewhere.

Choose a double-cushion sofa

Posted by: | Posted on: 3 listopadu, 2018

There is no sofa like – but those from our online store meet all the conceivable criteria that play a role in your living room setting. Reliability, fast communication, security and low prices!

Choose your sofa from our internet catalog and we will bring it to your home – delivery of goods throughout the Czech Republic is a matter of course for us. However, if you would rather take over your new sofa, you can visit our store. Everything is possible by appointment on our telephone line, where we can also advise you on choosing your sofa or anything else.

Elegance and comfort

We offer a wide range of sofas and other furnishings. Is your style more simple and practical, or opulent and luxurious? It doesn't matter – everyone chooses for us. Try it too.

All karaoke lyrics in one place

Posted by: | Posted on: 30 října, 2018

Accurate Czech, but also lyrics of foreign songs, that's what you can find here and much more. Our radio is involved in many events and is among the most listened to in our country. Now you can also listen to us on the internet and even hum your lyrics.

Sing with us. Listen to us, but also sing with us. It is possible because on our internet radio we also have a karaoke lyrics section where you can find the necessary text and then you can flash for a karaoke party. Karaoke lyrics here are absolutely authentic.
We are fun and original

Our radio is unique with its humor and effort to always cheer up and listen to our listeners. Karaoke lyrics are also our specialty. We participate in many events.

Need high-quality advertising?

Posted by: | Posted on: 28 října, 2018

Come to us and get new customers for your business! We are not your competitors, but on the contrary, we are here to improve your awareness and, by writing, letting you know about your business or website all over the internet, from the top of the search engines!

For each

Ours are tailor-made, we don't copy or use the same PR articles to make advertising really good, precise and at the highest level and with the best effects! Improve your position and select up to three keywords, then include PR articles and people will immediately see a link to your business.


Try PR articles today and discover a new form of advertising that will finally help you!

The heights are suddenly available

Posted by: | Posted on: 24 října, 2018

Our company MP22 is engaged in renting a Nissan Cabstar Z 220 work platform which is thanks to its smaller size and weight a very handy assistant for high-altitude work in limited space.  This is on a mobile motorized chassis where you can use it on any sensitive surface such as interlocking pavement because the total weight of the vehicle is 3.5 tons.  It is suitable for working at medium heights as it is able to reach a height of 22 meters.  If you are interested in renting a Nissan Cabstar Z 220 do not hesitate to contact us by phone in writing or in person directly at the headquarters of MP 22.

If you decide to rent our Nissan Cabstar Z 220 and you are wondering how much you will rent this rental then you know that you will pay less for rent than for example for scaffolding abseiling from the roof etc.  the ultimate rental price on our online calculator.  The rental price is 650 – CZK per hour.  If you rent it for a longer period of time then we will set an individual quantity discount price.  All prices listed in our price list on our website mp22.cz are listed without 22% VAT.